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From membership of Coowor.com in the selection of more than 700 high-quality suppliers, dividing products into sub-12 categories.

Issued by:

1、Face to face distribute to buyers and exhibitors
2、Free delivery
3、Mail pushing

Issued quantity:

1、Paper version of 25,000 copies each issue
2、Electronic version of 200,000 copies

Positioning high-end

Exquisite design, international distribution, professional high-end, boost brand value.

Wide range of launching

Distribute to professional buyers and exhibitors from more than 200 countries at more than 40 international HVACR exhibitions.

Large amount of Launching

Each issue releases 25,000 copies,and send electronic version for about 200000 professional buyers.

The object doesn’t repeat

Buyers and exhibitors of HVACR industry from more than 40 different countries

More channels

Through the exhibition distribution, website download, e-mail sending and mailing, etc.

High frequency of use

Buyers’ bible, easy to purchase inquiries, easy to keep, use of long time.

Low price

Single-page advertising is only RMB 10,000,RMB 40,000 one year.

Launching precision

Launching directly to buyers.