The long-awaited MEGACLIMA NIGERIA 2019 is coming!

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The long-awaited MEGACLIMA Nigeria 2019 is scheduled to be held during 11-13July 2019 at landmark center,Lagos, Nigeria. And this year is expected to be bigger than before. This exhibition has attracted more than 86 exhibitors from 17 countries to participate in the exhibition and It is estimated that the number of visitors will reach 4200+ .With continued focus on the dedicated product sectors, you can easily find the suitable suppliers and products you are always looking for.

 Nigeria market is a profitable market in West African region for the HVAC+R sector investments by virtue of its’ large market size and population and is also a perfect communication and logistic hub with a perfect Atlantic Ocean port.

Exhibition Name: Megaclima Nigeria 2019

Exhibition Date: 11-13 July 2019

Exhibitor Time Periods: 09:45 - 17:15

Visitor Time Periods: 10:00 - 17:00

Exhibition scope:

Refrigeration Systems & Components, Installation. Systems,.Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems & Equipments, Heating Systems & Equipments, Water Purification, Treatment Systems & Equipments,

About ElanExpo:

Elan Expo was founded in 1997 and now manages over 30 market-leading B2B events in up to 9 countries each year. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, it is currently active in Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, and Algeria. Elan Expo employees over 90 people who are passionate about the communities that they serve and skilled at creating the ideal circumstances for relationships to develop, knowledge to be gleaned and deals to be done by the departments of sales, marketing, B2B, visitor promotions, project, finance and advertising. Elan Expo’s operation is active in exhibitions with the multiple sectors such as Real Estate & Investment, Construction & Building Materials, Furniture & Decoration, Food &Agriculture, Beauty & Cosmetic, Fashion & Textile, Healthcare & Medical Products, HVAC, Landscape & Urban, Municipality & City Planning, and LED & Advertising. Elan Expo’s knowledge of communities they serve, their ability to attract the right people and their skill of curating the physical space and creating memorable experiences bring thousands of like-minded people together. It is the shared experience and the opportunities to make human connections which allow businesses to grow.

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Coowor will see you at 2019 Megaclima in Nigeria! Welcome to our Booth D-10!


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