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  |  Quality Zhejiang Virtual Expo(HVACR)
Air Conditioner Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration Fittings Ventilation & Air Treatment Refrigeration Tools Materials Intelligent Control Heating Water System Electric Power Distribution System Automotive Air Conditioning Others
Zhejiang Juhua Co.,Ltd ODS substitutes,Fluoropolymers,Fluorine-containing fine chemicals,Methane chlorides,Inorganic fluorochemicals,Macro molecular materials,Organic chemical industry,Fine chemicals,Inorganic chemical materials
Ningbo lionball ventilation Co., Ltd Axial Fan With External Rotor Motor,Shaded Pole Motor,Unit Bearing Motor,Centrifugal Fan,Circular Duct Fan,ECM Energy Saving Motor,Medical Centrifugal Motor,Capacitor Motor,Sewing Machine Motor Tangential Fan,C Frame Shaded Pole Motor,Motor Parts
ZHENJIANG BENYU HVAC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Folding water separator iron box,water mixing tang ,stainless steel integrated system,foundation support,Hydraulic balance pressure divider
Ningbo better telecommunication electric machinery co.,ltd., Axial fan Centrifugal fan DC fan
Shangyu Qin Wei HVAC Equipment Co.Ltd Cooling water chiller, condensing water chiller,Ice storage tank,oil cooling AHU, marine air conditioner
Hangzhou Zhouju Electronic Technological Co.,LTD BLDC Inverter Driver with 5W-30Kw DC Inverter Fan Motor Driver Inverter Compressor Driver Dc heat Pump DC water Pump DC water Treatment Textile Machinery Kitchen Appliance
Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic Co., Ltd. Axial Fan, Shaded Pole Motor, EC Motor, Centrifugal fan, Duct fan, Cross Flow Fan, Compact fan and etc.
Shanghai Huibing Refrigerant Co., Ltd. R-600a ISOBUTANE,R134A Tetrafluoroethane,Mixed Refrigerant R-404A,Mixed Refrigerant R-406A,Mixed Refrigerant R-407C
Ningbo Hoocon Automation Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. DAMPER ACTUATOR BALL VALVE AIRE DIFFERENTIAL